Getting Critical Distance when writing

It’s very difficult for writers to get true critical distance from their work, especially when the work in question is a novel that has consumed almost every waking moment for months. Unfortunately, critical distance is exactly what’s needed in order to view a piece of writing objectively. First draft After completion of the first draft,Continue reading “Getting Critical Distance when writing”

Book Review: Needful Things

Needful Things by Stephen KingMy rating: 5 of 5 stars Needful Things is the story of a new shop that opens in a small town in Maine, and the subsequent events that unfold around the customers and the residents of the town as the proprietor of the shop begins to do business. The setting isContinue reading “Book Review: Needful Things”

What Type of Fiction I Write

Part two of a three part series on how, what, and why I write fiction.(Jump to: Part One | Part Three) Before I thought about writing, I was an avid reader. From a young age I devoured books, both fiction and non-fiction. Like many people of my generation, my childhood was spent reading stories byContinue reading “What Type of Fiction I Write”