The Old Sand Works

I still like hanging around dumps

I spent the morning of the Spring Bank Holiday walking around a piece of wasteland in Marshside, Southport. It’s known as the Old Sand Works, and there really isn’t much there apart from what you see in the pictures. Having said that, I still found enough to keep my photographic eye interested, and I’m glad I took my camera along. It was good to get some new pictures after being in lockdown for so many weeks.

Social distancing was easy. Who else would want to hang round an old dump?

Marine Drive

I don’t photograph landscapes very often, especially not my local landscape which most people would describe as totally flat and somewhat dull. However, yesterday evening I went out and tried to make a short series of interesting pictures just a few minutes drive from home. I’m pleased with the results.

Marine Drive is a coastal road in Southport which cuts through an extensive marsh/wetland area where most photographers come specifically to photograph the amazing bird life. It is a recognised RSPB nature reserve site.

Sadly, the area was recently the focus of a search for Adam Seaton, a student who went missing in early August 2018. His body was eventually found in the nearby Ribble Estuary in January 2019, suggesting he may have got into difficulties while carrying out research for geography work he was about to undertake at Edge Hill University.

Southport Rock

I live near Southport, a Victorian seaside town in Northwest England that is somewhat faded from how it was in its heyday. In fact, over the twenty years or so that I’ve lived in the area I have witnessed the steady decline of parts of the resort, in particular the Lord Street shopping area which now seems to have as many empty shops as occupied ones.

Southport looks particularly grim when out of season, as this photo of mine shows:


Obviously things will perk up before the tourists arrive, but I love photographing these parts of the town in Winter and early Spring when they are quiet. This shot is from a documentary project about the seaside that I’m working on at the moment.

Southport Festival of Speed

It’s the Southport Festival of Speed at the moment, and among other things going on the original Sunbeam Tiger driven by Sir Henry Segrave, is on display at The Atkinson in Southport.

On the promenade at Kings Gardens yesterday there was a classic car show culminating in a procession along Lord Street. I managed to get some interesting pictures while documenting the event, including this one of a beautiful red Ferrari that really pops.


Of course my eyes were interested in the drivers and people attending the event, as well as the cars themselves.