Close Read: The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

The Lottery is a short story by Shirely Jackson, first published in The New Yorker in 1948. It contains many classic folk horror tropes, and is an interesting story because of the way it fools the reader into thinking something else is happening, almost until the end. Warning: contains spoilers. The story opens just before the annual village lottery, for which the villagers assemble in … Continue reading Close Read: The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

Book Review: Sharper Knives

Sharper Knives by Christopher Fowler. My rating: 5 of 5 stars. Sharper Knives is a collection of fourteen dark short stories by Christopher Fowler, first published in 1992, during the earlier part of his writing career. Ranging from the punchy and witty Norman Wisdom And The Angel of Death to the lyrical and beautiful Persia, this book is a great showcase for Fowler’s distinctive voice. … Continue reading Book Review: Sharper Knives