Liverpool Comic Con 2019

Today I spent a couple of hours photographing some of the visitors to Liverpool Comic Con, held at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool. The wind was crazy, with gale-force gusts blowing hair and bits of costumes everywhere, but spirits were high, even as people queued in the cold to get in.

Comic Con is a big deal, with several events taking place in different citities throughout the year. Many attendees are dedicated enough to go to all the events.

Bec and Takk go to Comic Cons in London or Manchester, and are trying Liverpool for the first time this year. Dan goes to a Comic Con event at least once a year, and loves meeting up with friends. Charlie is attending the Liverpool event for the first time in a while after moving away from the area. Jess comes every year!

Truly a fascinating subculture, with such a diverse and friendly group of people.

Exhibition: ‘Liverpool’s Boss!’

The first showing of my Liverpool’s Boss! project starts today in Liverpool. It’s a small exhibition of only part of the ongoing project, but I’m delighted that it is taking place for the first time in the Baltic Triangle, where many of the images were made.


The Baltic Triangle is home to Liverpool’s thriving Creative & Digital (C&D) community, and an area that only a short time ago was little more than a large stretch of imposing red brick warehouses, largely disused and derelict.

If you’re able to visit, please drop by Coffee & Fandisha, 5 Brick Street, Liverpool, L1 0BL. Their website is The exhibition will be there until January 2017.

Liverpool’s Boss! Photozine

At last I’ve started working on my first ever photozine. Putting together a little zine is a project that I’ve wanted to do for years, but I’ve never quite got around to it until now.


In the zine are six images and the artist’s statement from my Liverpool’s Boss! project, an ongoing project about the regeneration of Liverpool.

Coming soon, to a coffee shop near you! (That’s if you’re in Liverpool.)

Artists in Liverpool

I spent the afternoon in Liverpool yesterday, photographing artists in their studios. It was great fun, and the people I met were so friendly and patient while I fussed around them. The spaces themselves were amazing too – so vibrant, and just buzzing with creativity.


I’ve got lots of pictures to go through to pull an edit together, but I’m very pleased with what I’m seeing so far. I’ll be going to back to photograph some more artists next week.

There’s no doubt about it – Liverpool’s Boss!

Liverpool’s Boss!

Liverpool has changed massively since I used to work here as a computer programmer back in the mid-1990s. I remember certain areas being no-go zones, not particularly because of crime or violence (this was long after the days of the Toxteth riots), but simply because large parts of the city comprised of nothing but derelict warehouses.

Nowadays, the city is still undergoing the massive transformation that seemed to spark off almost a decade ago when Liverpool was awarded the accolade of European Capital of Culture in 2008.


Parts of the city are now unrecognisable from how they were just ten years ago, and even from the Albert Dock, as seen above, giant overhead cranes swing out over the city almost everywhere you look.

Myself and other photographers really feel the buzz of this transformation, and whenever I’m in town I am rarely without my camera, documenting the various aspects of the change.