Casting Call – 2019 – for Horse Lovers

Next year (2019) I’m looking to create some romantic and emotive portraits of people with horses. See my ‘Portraits with Horses’ Pinterest board above for some wonderful examples of the sort of image I want to make.

In order to make it happen, I need volunteers who would like to have a go at being a model for the day and have access to a horse (either their own or a friend’s). No prior experience of modelling is necessary, and this casting call is open to adults of any gender/age. You don’t have to be as styled as the models in the images above – it’s the emotional connection with the horse I’m interested in capturing.

If you’re interested, please get in touch – but please note I am UK-based.

I’m a keen rider myself, and have photographed lots of equestrian events, so I know a bit about horses and am used to being around them.