Photo Diary

Photo Diary

Since 2009 I have been keeping what I call a photo diary that tries to capture something existential about my life or the way I am feeling. I have literally thousands of these images in my archive – the ones shown here are a few recent ones.

There are many ways to describe these quiet little pictures. I call them a photo diary. Linda McCartney described similar works of hers as “moments”. William Eggleston said he was “photographing democratically”.

GB / England / Whitby / 2019

Mod Revival

Personal Project

In 2014 I attended the Ribble Valley Mod Weekender, held in Clitheroe, Lancashire. My objective was to document the event, the scooters, and the characters in attendance.

I’ve never been a mod but there’s something absolutely compelling about the colours, the buzz of the engines, the smell of two-stroke exhaust, and the clothes and music that make up this exciting subculture.

GB / England / Clitheroe / 2014

Steampunk Gothic

Personal Project

In 2014 I attended two of the popular Whitby Goth Weekends, which are held each year in Whitby, North Yorkshire. The first was in April, the second was in October – coinciding perfectly with Halloween. My objective was to obtain as many different portraits of as many different people as possible.

Later the same year I attended a Steampunk Weekend in Haworth, West Yorkshire. I was pleased to see many familiar faces.

GB / England / Whitby, Haworth / 2014

Liverpool’s Boss!

Personal Project

Since being designated European Capital of Culture in 2008, the landscape and vibe of the city of Liverpool has been going through a dramatic regeneration. Once notorious for striking dockers, violent street riots and unemployment, Liverpool is now recognised as a hub of art, culture and commerce, attracting visitors from around the world.

As a photographer I find myself drawn towards the boundary of the regeneration, where overhead cranes tower over every block. There I can observe the places and people who are part of the gradual synthesis taking place between the old and new.

GB / England / Liverpool / 2016

Cheshire Polo Club

Commissioned Project

Cheshire Polo Club invited me to visit one of their events to document some of the ‘behind the scenes’ activities that go into a day’s polo.

GB / England / Tarporley / 2016

British Horse Society

Commissioned Project

The British Horse Society asked me to be their official photographer for BHS Northwest Camp 2016, documenting the campers and their horses as they enjoyed their stay at the historic Aintree racecourse, home of The Grand National.

GB / England / Aintree / 2016

Update: BHS Northwest Camp 2018 pictures are here.

Spin Cycle

Personal Project

The steady rolling hum of mechanical drums, the clatter of a dryer on spin cycle, the hypnotic tumble of wet clothes and soap suds against glass, and the delightful smell of washing powder and fabric softener.

Launderettes were once a common sight in English towns and cities, but they are fast disappearing from our urban landscape. There are still a few of these unspoiled gems around, but perhaps not for long. We should enjoy them while we can.

GB / England / Southport / 2016


Personal work

I usually carry a camera around with me wherever I go. When I meet someone interesting, if the moment feels right and my camera is ready, I will ask if I can photograph them.

My encounters with these people aren’t usually long, maybe a few minutes at most, during which time I have to make sure the technicals are correct, the background is right, and the expression reveals what I’m looking to say about that person.

GB / England / Various Locations / 2016+