Other Photos

The best way to see my latest photos is to follow my social media accounts, which I update regularly. Depending on your device, there are links to my most active social accounts either in the sidebar or footer of every page. (Tap the circular ‘…’ button at the bottom of the page to reveal the footer on mobile devices.)



I think of my social accounts in terms of what my mother would have said if she had browsed through them. She would have liked some of my Instagram posts, but probably would have complained I never photograph the family, and that nobody ever smiles.

My Instagram feed probably has a wider general appeal than my other feeds, and most people will be able to appreciate at least some of the pictures. Having said that, it is still personal and very much driven by my own vision.



She would probably have struggled with some of my more unusual Flickr posts, and might have said she didn’t like them. At the very best she would have diplomatically said they were “different”, and suggested I go up to The Lake District and photograph some of the views.

Flickr contains some of my more experimental work, and is where I sometimes try out new ideas and seek feedback from other people whose work I admire. Many of the images read like a photo diary, documenting selected parts of my everyday life.



My mother would not have got my Tumblr posts at all, and probably would have said most of them were horrible and miserable. She might even have asked, “Why don’t you take pictures of nice things? Who wants to look at pictures of urinals?”

Tumblr is where I post photographs that I feel are my ‘worst’ or strangest. Images that are unsuitable for Instagram, and borderline for Flickr, yet have something about them that saves them from deletion. Only a few people will be able to appreciate these.

What I think

Obviously there is crossover, and I go through periods where the same images appear on all my social feeds. From a photography perspective, I think Instagram is what most people would describe as my Best Work. However, I often go through my Tumblr posts and find them strange and haunting as a body of work. I would not be surprised if a small number of people regard these as my strongest images. Flickr probably lies somewhere between the two extremes.

Facebook and Twitter

I also have a Facebook Page and Twitter account, both of which I use to cross-post images from other social media, typically Instagram and Flickr, but occasionally from Tumblr too. Facebook and Twitter are also good for sharing photography-related content such as blog posts, news updates, or interesting articles.