Computers used in the Classic Dallas TV Series

Ewing Oil Computerised in 1982 Earlier this year I began watching the classic TV series, Dallas, which ran from 1978 to 1991. I don’t recall what made me look, but I discovered all 357 episodes on Apple TV, and committed myself to a new daily routine of watching one over breakfast each day. During the first five seasons, the appearance of a computer on the … Continue reading Computers used in the Classic Dallas TV Series

Getting Back on Path

Man does not live by photography alone. To-date, apart from the odd wobble, this blog has been mostly about photography. There’s nothing wrong with having a dedicated blog, and everyone says you should focus and specialise, but I can’t help feel that practice is limiting. Maybe my own life is reaching one of those turning points. I still love making pictures but it feels a … Continue reading Getting Back on Path

Spicy Breakfast Biscuits

I should perhaps add the word ‘Christmas’ to this title, because this is a ‘biscuit’ recipe containing mincemeat and various other spices that never fail to bring the spirit of Christmas to the tastebuds. Firstly, let me say I’m absolutely not a baker. This is only my third ever attempt at cooking something sweet, so Paul Hollywood needn’t lose any sleep. However, if you’re feeling … Continue reading Spicy Breakfast Biscuits