About Me


Some years ago, I worked as a full-time professional photographer specialising in highly styled portraits for hair and beauty photography. I also did a bit of fashion work, both in the studio and on location.

Nowadays my enthusiasm for photography has few bounds, and as a result my work doesn’t fit into one specific genre. I like to make pictures about whatever interests me. Documentary photography, especially when encapsulated in a series of pictures, is of great interest, but so is single-image street photography. I also love to simply capture quiet existential moments that many photographers would not even see.

While I am open to some commissions, unfortunately I do have a lot of commitments and therefore have to be very selective about these.

I like to collaborate with people, and post specific casting calls on my blog. If you want to get involved, please get in touch.

I’m based near Liverpool, England, in the United Kingdom.

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