VP is a short story I wrote in January 2020. It was first published in August 2022 by CafeLitMagazine. The opening paragraphs are below, and you can visit the CafeLitMagazine website to read the full story.


When you tell someone you’re a Vice President, they usually ask one of two things. ‘What’s that?’ or ‘which country?’ I wondered which way this girl would go.

“You mean like Mike Pence?” Her eyebrows raised.

That was a total surprise. I didn’t know the name but guessed Mike Pence was Vice President of the United States.

“Not really. I’m in consulting, not politics.”

“So, you’re like second in command of your company, right?”

“No. I’ll explain, but first, would you like another drink?”

She smiled. “Sure.”

I took the glasses back to the bar, which was still quiet, as most hotel bars are on a Monday night.

Continue at CafeLitMagazine


Photo by dusan jovic on Unsplash.

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