Book Review: Linda McCartney The Biography

Linda McCartney by Danny Fields.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

I’ve been an admirer of Linda McCartney’s photography for several years, and saw her retrospective at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum in Glasgow in 2019, before going on to complete a road trip to Campbeltown in Kintyre, near where many of her personal photographs were made.

Apart from her photography and what is written about her in the introductions to the photobooks I have, I didn’t really know much about her life, and was delighted when my wife bought me a copy of Linda McCartney The Biography by Danny Fields.

For many years, Fields was a close friend of Linda McCartney’s, with a host of wonderful memories to draw upon. The book begins in summer 1966 as the SS Sea Panther sets sail from a Hudson River marina in New York, with Linda on-board, ready to photograph the Rolling Stones on her first gig as a photographer. It ends with her death in April 1998.

I don’t read many biographies, but found this one fascinating to read. It complemented my already strong appreciation of her photography by filling some of the gaps in my knowledge, ultimately helping me to understand her pictures on a deeper level. I would recommend it to anyone interested in Linda McCartney, the person and the photographer.

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