No Regrets About Being Bald

It’s now just over two years since I began my journey to becoming a bald man. Back in March 2020, I took the brave step of buzzing off my thinning, receding hair, and embraced my first ever buzz cut – something I think every man should try at least once in his life, whether he’s losing his hair or not.

Over the ensuing weeks, I went from that initial number one (3mm) buzzcut to a number two (6mm), then right down to a zero guard buzz (1mm). I kept experimenting with different lengths between 1mm and 6mm, but even in those early days it was obvious that my preferred length was going to be as short as possible.

I soon tried shaving it, and even though the look was pretty extreme for someone who just three weeks before had never had a buzzcut, I liked it. Initially, I didn’t feel the extra effort and time needed to go from 1mm down to the skin was worth it, but every couple of weeks I tried it again, and soon began to prefer it. By the end of summer, I was shaving my head completely bald on a daily basis.

I Grew a Beard

Since my early twenties I’ve always adopted what you could call a traditional masculine appearance by growing facial hair. I’ve experimented with lots of different lengths, from a couple of days’ growth up to three and a half months, which is what I was sporting last June when I shot the featured image for this post. As I write this now, I’m somewhere near the mid-way mark on that scale, and could see myself swing either way in the next few weeks.

When combined with facial hair, a buzzed or shaved head can create a synergy that amplifies the masculine effect for the right person. I think it makes me look more masculine, and I’ve further increased that by becoming fitter and building up a little muscle. Of course there are limits for every person, and not everyone will agree with me, but I think a bald head with a beard is a strong look that can restore a bit of balance to a bald man’s face.


My own journey to becoming bald was about regaining confidence. Within days of that first buzz I felt tremendous relief that I no longer had to worry about hair loss. Two years later, I still love that smooth bald feeling, and enjoy stepping out looking sharp with a clean-shaved head.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts in my Being Bald category, that confidence radiates out, and other people notice and appreciate it.

I only had to deal with a thinning, receding hairline at the front and temples, and never developed any bald patches. I see lots of men who are in a much worse situation with their hair loss than I ever was, and can only imagine the relief they must feel when they finally take ownership and buzz or shave their heads instead of trying to hide the fact they are balding.

I’ve never looked back, and genuinely don’t miss having hair. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it now: if someone discovered a way of reversing male pattern baldness and brought it to market, I would be delighted for the guys who want it, but honestly, I’d choose to stay bald.

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