Yes, I Still Shave My Head

I’ve already written about the experience of buzzing my hair and shaving my head for the first time, but that was almost a year ago, so I thought it was about time I wrote a follow-up post.

To Recap…

Just before the UK went into lockdown last year, I buzzed all my hair off for the first time. Over the months that followed, I experimented with different lengths from 1mm to 6mm, but most importantly, I never felt I wanted to grow it back. I loved my new look and the confidence it gave me, and I still do, a year later.

I tried shaving with a blade a few times, but found that too tricky, and a little nerve-wracking. I also tried using an old foil shaver, which was easier, but took a long time. However, both experiences revealed the length I was happiest with was as close to 0mm as I could get. In other words, completely shaved.

The Remington RX5

Around the middle of August last year, I invested in a Remington RX5 head shaver, and started shaving my head as close to the skin as a rotary shaver can get. I was really pleased with that machine. It delivered a quick shave in a few minutes, and if I spent a bit longer going over my head a few times, I could get it quite smooth, especially if I shaved straight after a shower while my head was wet.

Some guys report irritation using the RX5 or other rotary head shavers, but I didn’t have any problems.

Getting Closer

I used the RX5 every day for several months, but at weekends I would often go back and use my old Philips foil shaver, which could get even closer if I was prepared to keep going over it. I found myself liking the smoother shave more and more, and over the 2020 festive period, I made the decision to try shaving every day with the foil shaver to see if I could maintain that smooth finish on an on-going basis.

It turns out I could, and I didn’t want to go back to using the RX5, so I made the decision to invest in a new foil shaver that was specifically designed for shaving heads. I did some research, read lots of reviews, and watched lots of YouTube videos before I decided which one to buy.

The Babyliss Pro Titanium

In January this year I splashed out and treated myself to a Babyliss Pro Titanium head shaver. It’s a beast of a machine, used by professional barbers to get a smooth shaved head finish without using a blade. It’s a beautiful object, superbly designed, nice and weighty, with a substantial build quality.

After charging it, I tried shaving my head with it for the first time and was immediately impressed. It was powerful, and I could feel it shaving completely bald as it moved across my skin. After a few days of practise, I got the technique nailed down, and I’ve been using it every day since.

The key for me is to shave every day, using short strokes against the grain, not too much pressure, taking my time. The results are a perfect skin-smooth head shave every time.

(A little side note: I’m amazed by the battery power in the Babyliss Pro Titanium. A full charge can last over three weeks, which is pretty impressive. In comparison, the RX5 usually needed charging every week.)

Pre-Shave Oil

I read on some blog (probably one selling shaving oil) that using a pre-shave oil would guarantee the closest shave possible, and that it would work with either electric shavers or blades. Although I was already happy with the closeness of the head shaves I was getting without oil, I decided to give it a try, to see if I was missing out on an even closer shave.

It didn’t work for me. The oil made the shave feel a bit more comfortable, but I found the oily bits of hair gummed up the cutting blades, meaning I had to stop mid-way to clean them. After a couple of days, I also started experiencing some irritation and spots, so I abandoned the oil and have been using it as beard oil instead. It smells great, and I’m happy to have repurposed it instead of throwing it away.

To Be Continued…

That’s my journey so far. One year on, I’m still sporting a completely shaved head, and I absolutely love it. When combined with a beard or stubble, I think a shaved head can give a man a strong, distinctive, masculine look. I will never go back to having hair, and I honestly wish I’d shaved it years ago.

If you’re a guy who’s contemplating buzzing your hair or shaving your head, I hope you’ll find this post useful, and trust me when I say how awesome it is once you take that step. That first buzz is the scariest part. Once you’ve done it, you’ll immediately feel better. No more bad hair days, no more trips to the barber’s, no more worries about wind or rain. You can look good from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, and experience that sleek feeling of a perfectly smooth head every day.

Some days I pause and wonder what I would do if a cure for hair loss became widely available and it was possible to completely reverse the process. Would I go back to having hair? It’s a tough one, and difficult to answer, but right now I can honestly say I’m enjoying being bald, so the answer would be no, and I mean that.

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