Computer Industry Book Reviews

Back in the 1990s, I wrote regular book reviews for computer industry magazines. It was a great little gig and I enjoyed reading the books and seeing my writing in print. I also got to keep the books after reviewing them, and ended up with a large collection. I’m sure I still have some of them.

My review of The Skin of Culture above mentions “the growth of new media such as E-mail and videoconferencing”. We are now living and working in a world where both technologies are so ubiquitous they are taken for granted.

Another of my book reviews from Computer Weekly, c. 1995.

In the review of Rewired above, I mention approaching the next millenium. It feels quite strange to realise we are now two decades into that millenium, and that I wrote those words over twenty years ago.

There were lots of different industry magazines like this, including Computer Weekly, Computing, Microscope, and several others. Some, like Computer Weekly, have now gone digital only.

Many of them no longer exist at all.

5 thoughts on “Computer Industry Book Reviews

  1. How interesting. I remember watching Tomorrow’s World programme on the TV and the early Star Trek with my father and thinking computers were amazing. Though the space age hasn’t really arrived yet, in the same way as shown in sci-fi programme like U.F.O with their Moonbase, and Star Trek, where we see them take a flight to a distance planet like taking a bus. Our lives are moving fastly forward as technology becomes freely available to whoever can afford it.

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    1. We have made great technological progress over the last few decades, but most of it has been commercially-driven to benefit business. In terms of leveraging technology for humankind, we haven’t made as much progress, perhaps because there is so much competition between countries. Imagine what we could achieve if we stopped fighting amongst ourselves and came together as a single global society.

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      1. Oh yes. I was saying that to my husband the other day. That was the theme behind Star Trek. How advanced the Star Fleet was because countries were working together to protect planet Earth from outside forces. My hope is that the human race will work towards a cure for Covid19 as one rather a way of making money for one company as Trump wanted. 😢

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