Thoughts on Hair

I realised I needed a haircut.


A few days ago just before the UK went into a lockdown, I realised I needed a haircut. My barber had closed to limit spread of the Coronavirus, so I decided to take responsibility, and actioned a DIY buzzcut. This was something I had always wanted to try but I never had the guts due to the client-facing nature of my work. Facing weeks of working from home, I decided it was now or never. This was my opportunity.

As hair fell to the ground on Sunday morning, 22nd March, I was worried. The only clippers I had to hand were actually a combined beard trimmer and shaver. Would it be up to the job of cutting head hair? Did I know enough about hair cutting to actually get through the amount of hair on my head? Would I look awful when the deed was done? These were my main concerns as the clippers buzzed and worked in my hand. However, as the finished look began to emerge I started to feel pretty good.

I have enjoyed a genuine boost in confidence.

For a few days I had a shock every time I walked past a mirror, but I now really like my new look. My hair was past its best anyway, and no longer having to worry about styling it is incredibly liberating. Unexpectedly, I have enjoyed a genuine boost in confidence.

I have yet to go “out” out, and be seen in public places like pubs, bars and restaurants. They are obviously all closed at the moment. My work colleagues have also yet to experience The Big Reveal, whereupon I expect to enjoy some friendly teasing.

Will I have decided to grow it back by the the time normal life resumes? Or will I still be embracing this bald bold new look?

As with everything in life at the moment, I’ll take each day as it comes. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, and it’s hard to look beyond a horizon of a few days.

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