Aintree Colour Run 2018

Yesterday I volunteered a day of my time to The British Horse Society to photograph their Northwest Camp at Aintree Racecourse. When I arrived the course was surprisingly busy, and I soon discovered there was another event going on at the same time!


It was the 2018 Aintree Colour Run. I’ve never been to one of these events before and to be honest, would probably be a bit nervous about attending one with my camera gear. The thought of all that dust flying around is a bit scary to say the least, so I photographed these friendly folks in the car park, at a safe distance from the main event.


Speaking of scary, some of the horses at the BHS Northwest Camp weren’t too impressed with the noise and bouncy castles … but everyone got from the stables to the Equestrian Centre (and back again) without incident, thank goodness!

(Some of my official BHS Northwest Camp pictures will follow in my next post.)

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