Vlog #1 – On procrastination

Sometimes you get up in the morning, full of good intentions, with an outline plan in your head of what you’re going to do that day. Then life gets in the way and you make endless cups of coffee and cups of tea instead.

I’m not sure whether this vlogging thing is for me, so as well as being my first vlog this might also be my last vlog.

3 thoughts on “Vlog #1 – On procrastination

  1. ahaha! another serial procrastinator! wow. where would we be without procrastination? it’s too easy to be seduced by her, isn’t it? another coffee? i’ll review contact sheets tomorrow… and like you say, ‘it’s lunchtime… not point in starting now’… i hear ya. we are kindred. i think so many ‘creatives’ fall prey to procrastination. i wonder why that is…..

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