Southport Festival of Speed

It’s the Southport Festival of Speed at the moment, and among other things going on the original Sunbeam Tiger driven by Sir Henry Segrave, is on display at The Atkinson in Southport.

On the promenade at Kings Gardens yesterday there was a classic car show culminating in a procession along Lord Street. I managed to get some interesting pictures while documenting the event, including this one of a beautiful red Ferrari that really pops.


Of course my eyes were interested in the drivers and people attending the event, as well as the cars themselves.

Spin Cycle

I’ve been meaning to take more pictures in laundrettes for years. Some of the older ones have amazing coloured machines and crazy decor that dates back decades. These places really need to be documented either before they disappear, or get renovated.


This is a fantastic laundrette in Southport on Chestnut Street. It’s where my latest project, ‘Spin Cycle’ has been born. It’s going to take a while to complete, but I’m hoping to have it online on my portfolio website before the end of the year.