Garden offices – the future of home working?

As more and more people opt to work remotely, cutting out the daily commute and saving their employers a fortune in office rental costs, it’s fun to speculate what the workplace of tomorrow may look like.

In this great article, Inc. shows us a selection of some of the coolest cubicles in the world. Our favourite has got to be Yorkshire’s own Archipod, manufactured by Archipod Ltd.

As the Inc. article says:

These freestanding pods, domes, and workstations are so artfully designed and ecologically sound that one might wonder: Is this the future of work?

Check it out in full over at

The Walton Neuroscience Fund

Brian Heys Limited has proudly donated to The Walton Neuroscience Fund, the charity that was set up to help further the activities of the Walton Centre, and allow improvements in areas such as neurological research, staff training and patient welfare.

If you would like to find out more about the fund, or would like to make a donation of your own, please visit the The Walton Centre. Donations can be made through the fundraising page.

UK – best place in Europe for Entrepreneurs

Some great news at last? According to the Entrepreneurship Barometer released by EY accountants, the UK is one of the top five countries in the G20 to start, grow, and run a business.

According to The Telegraph:

The UK is one of the top-performing countries in terms of entrepreneurial culture, the report has found. Over 70% of UK entrepreneurs said that the country is supportive of their efforts compared to the G20 average of 57%. Across the G20, only Japan is ranked higher for encouraging entrepreneurship as a career choice.

If we could further reduce some of the red tape and regulation that small businesses currently have to endure, Britain could even make it to the top slot. Something for us to aim for next year?

For more on this story, visit The Telegraph website.